I am writing this blog in order to hold myself accountable for my dreams.  I am a girl nearing my mid-twenties, married, and living in the middle of one of the biggest cities in Texas. I firmly believe I have been having a quarter-life crisis for the past three years! I can say that perhaps I’m nearing the end, and certainly much further along in my wandering, confused state than when it began three years ago, but I’m also at a pivotal moment in this crisis, about to take a jump into what I hope is “the answer,” and I’m scared. I’m scared of my abilities, the unknown, finances… all of it. I do know though, I’m reaching a now-or-never moment and I have to jump all in. My husband and I have realized life is much harder than we had hoped 6 years ago when we fell in love. I want a full life filled with everything I am passionate about. I want to help and heal others. I want to meet so many people and see so many places. I want to always be learning. I want to be immersed in art, science, politics, and culture. I want to live a life filled with people and experiences, and it’s not going to just happen without hard work. I have to tackle the steps that lead to a more fulfilled life. I’m here because I have realized this for a while now, and I believe writing things down helps me to see it more clearly. This will connect me to the outside world and I hope, help keep me motivated throughout the changes that will be taking place in the coming months and years. Everything happens one step at a time. So here’s to keeping tied to the world, learning through it, and marking progress… one step at a time.